Thursday, July 17, 2008

Any flute you can walk away from... a success. Just made it through this one by the skin of my teeth, and have been in recovery ever since. This is all to say that devotions went very well the other morning, but my cold (and general lack of practice) led to a weak performance. I had a nice deep basso for the readings, though. And the others in the group pulled things off brilliantly.

Last time, I tried to work through my cold and ended up sick for about two weeks, so I slept all day Thursday and managed to shake it pretty quickly. Great assist by Noodles Etc. in Hyde Park, who provided about a gallon of wonton soup to contribute to the recovery efforts. By “provided,” I mean traded to me for money. I wish I could get corporate sponsorship for my cold; I hear it's the future of healthcare.

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