Saturday, June 6, 2009

ISS astronauts get Trek?

I can't even watch SNL online here.  Thanks, Hulu.  Jerks.  (via New York Times.)

I can read, despite the expense of such a habit here (in English, at least.)  In between lesson planning, grading*, and mispronouncing Slovak, I've managed to squeeze in a few very enjoyable reads, mostly a couple guilty pagefuls at a time on trams, in the bathroom, instead of cleaning the kitchen.  Time to live up to my nom de blogge, I reckon, and give my (brief) impressions.  Here's the first... more to come later.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
As you may have seen next door, Auds and Curt came for a visit, and left not only footprints, but also delicious homemade candy and some English(!) reading.  I was pretty liberal with my consumption of the candy, but I'm rationing the reading a bit more carefully; there are always flights and train rides in our future.  I started with TDKR, exactly the stuff I needed to retreat from British Literature.  I was surprised to realize I've never actually read the thing, even though -- just by reputation -- it was probably hugely influential on my expectations for Batman comics and movies.  

I remember being introduced to the Dark Knight in the backyard of one of Matt's friends -- Doug Bright, maybe?  My Super Powers/Superfriends Batman archetype didn't stand a chance.  Batman beats Superman?  Robin is a girl?  The Batmobile is a tank?  Awesome!  Finally getting around to reading it after all this time, I worried that the genuine article wouldn't hold up to the reputation, but I tore through it with the same excitement I had as a kid.  And, not having to worry about breaking the binding on Doug's copy?  Awesome!  

By the way, The George Lucas Educational Foundation says: Archduke Franz Ferdinand shot first. 

*I do grade pretty regularly, despite what my students and my personal expectations might tell you.

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