Friday, July 31, 2009

You'd just laugh if they'd named it Dachshund

Thanks to the whims of fortune, I write you from one of the business lounges of the Frankfort Airport, where Annie and I are sipping Kingsley tonic and eating (okay, slurping) beef consommé. The path of the missionary is fraught with hardship, but we are sustained by the Spirit. And beef consommé.

We volunteered to be bumped from a bulgingly overbooked flight, in return for some compensation and a 6 hour airport mini-vacation -- we've toured 3 of the 5 terminals so far, and security has guaranteed that our carry-on is very, very, very, safe (gratis!). In about 2 hours, we'll hop into business class seats and snooze our way to Chicago. See you soon!

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