Saturday, January 9, 2010

Iron Chef Gar-sieze

We're fast fans of Iron Chef America, and I recognize the anime cultural connection, and enjoy the aesthetic of excess and bravado that makes it successful*, but has anyone seen the latest promo? The one for Iron Chef Garces' debut? TOO. MUCH. STROBE.

I don't know if they did a Next Iron Chef Production Assistant series to select the person who cut this thing together, but I try to only swallow tongue at delicatessens and taco shops. We can't even protect ourselves by looking away from the screen or closing our eyes, it seems to reverberate off our walls and into our skulls. Thanks for new episodes, but seriously, knock it off.

*The strategy of making a burned plate of garbage palatable by covering it with foie, gold leaf, and shaved truffles will forever be known as the Iron Chef Gambit.

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