Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The handsome little guy pictured nearby is the newest member of our family, Hank, the dog! His past is shrouded in mystery, as you may have guessed by those soulful eyes, but one could reasonably surmise that he has some lab and some beagle in there somewhere. As in all the best cases of puppy love, there's some tragedy in his background – loud clippers, a death-defying leap from a high grooming table, a broken leg. Thanks to the care and attention of Auds and Curtis, though, he's back running around like a champ. Auds is a vet, actually; she saved his life, and decided he was the perfect dog for us. And she was right; perfect dog period.

We were already planning a trip down to Lexington to spend 4th of July weekend with Auds and Curt, so we combined an awesome visit – including hiking to some gorgeous views and delicious pizza, a blast of a 4th of July party with horses and the perfect spot to watch dozens of fireworks displays, and just great fun catching up with two of our favorite people – with a trial run for my sinuses. One short doggie drive later, and we had Hank home in Chicago, where he'll be staying with Annie's folks until we have a place that allows dogs in a couple months.

He was originally a Henry, but Hank seems the most apt. We've been floating around some of our favorite variations:
  • Hanko Breadcrumbs Edison-Albright

  • Hanko Verymuch Edison-Albright

  • Hanko American Pasta Sauce Edison-Albright

That last one might be a bit much.

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Sue-s said...

How about H.P. (Hanky Panky) Edison-Albright?