Sunday, October 24, 2010


File under "More of the same..."

Hosed my system today updating some software, so I thought I'd go for the full-upgrade. One hour later, no external hard drive to be found anywhere, although Annie assures me we packed it. In the meantime, I turn up my wayward grammar and usage dictionary, as well as some Star Wars action figures and a cell phone charger we lost last year. Eventually find the hard drive...

under the passenger seat of our car...

where it slid when we drove it up here early last month. Bad news is I'm still missing the power supply (yes I checked the glove box), but the good news is that OpenSuse 11.3's upgrade option seems to have successfully solved my issues and is running smoothly. I'm tempted to try to dig up my high school yearbook on the off chance that I'll stumble across the power supply in the process.

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