Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More blahg than blog

Very conveniently, our apartment move-out date, Annie's orientation, and the drop dead date for a very big (2 years in the making) project at work all fall within a roughly one week period. One rough, weak period. I asked Annie why I'm so tired tonight, and she told me it's because I was at work 12 hours yesterday. Oh, right.

The rewarding part is that this thing at the office is going uncharacteristically smoothly. Provided I ignore the first year and a half of slamming our heads into the wall over and over again. The brain damage helps me ignore it.

The really rewarding part is that Annie baked a chocolate cake for for us to take to my folks for Mother's Day dinner tomorrow. And she's a heavy sleeper. Sleep... sleep, my pet. Dream of unsliced cakes and crumbless smiles... pay no attention to the NOM NOM NOM....


Kate said...
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Lucy said...

I'm tagging you. Write a 6 word memoir and then tag 5 people.