Wednesday, December 1, 2010

But where's my chocolate?

As a relative newcomer to Perl, I was pleased to see Slashdot's link today to the Perl Advent Calendar (although I was disappointed to find it doesn't work in Opera.) I was even more pleased that it reminded me one of my favorite seasonal web design and development blogs, 24 Ways to Impress Your Friends would be spinning back up today. Over the next 24 days, various web luminaries will contribute elegant new techniques for layout, accessibility, development, you name it.

Look back through their archives and you'll find there's something for everybody. Today's entry – an introduction to Google's Static Map API – as it turns out, is not for me, at least not for my leisure. But I'm sure it is for somebody else. Actually the author indicates it is for the 2% of web users who do not have Javascript enabled (minus those using screen readers, I guess.) But I will definitely check back throughout the season.

Finally, my inner pedant points out that neither of these are actually Advent calendars, since Advent starts on the first Sunday of Advent (November 28th this year) rather than December 1st. Metric Advent?

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